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Regal Plastics


Plexiglas® G Sheet
Premium architectural-grade Plexiglas® G sheet satisfies the requirements of nearly all high performance applications. It is available in our broadest range of colors and patterns.

Plexiglas® MC Sheet
Commercial-grade Plexiglas® MC sheet is suitable for most building glazing applications. It has virtually the same weatherability, impact strength, rigidity, surface hardness, and transparency as Plexiglas® G sheet. Plexiglas® G sheet and Plexiglas® MC sheet do differ somewhat in their resistance to certain chemicals.

Colorless Sheet - Plexiglas® sheet sizes vary from 24"x 48" to 72"x 120". Plexiglas G is available in thicknesses from 0.118" to 1.5" (3.0mm to 25mm). Plexiglas® MC sheet is available in thicknesses from 0.060" to 0.354"(2.5mm to 90mm) in ten standard sizes.

White Translucent Sheet - Six standard densities, which vary in percentage of light transmission and degree of light diffusion. Light transmission also varies with the thickness of the sheet. This product serves well in lighting and sign applications.

Translucent Colors - A wide range of 19 standard, brilliant to low-chroma colors which transmit and diffuse light. Translucent color sheets, including the 7000 series whites, are an excellent choice for most sign applications because of their luminous quality, intrinsic color, and weatherability.

Transparent Colors - A selection of eight standard transparent high-chroma colors that provide see-through, color filtering, solar heat, and glare control.

Typical applications include glazing, electronic filters, displays and fixtures. A special transparent color, 3030 Green, provides an overall glass-like green tinge along its edge, making it a natural for shelving and display applications.

Fluorescent Colors - We now offer six colors of fluorescent Plexiglas® MC. Standard thickness is 0.118"(3mm) and the standard sheet size is 48" x 96". The fluorescent colors are also available in a matte finish. Other thicknesses and sizes are quoted upon request.

Opaque Colors - Three standard semi-opaque, low-chroma colors for non-illuminated decorative panels.

Solar Control Colors - Eleven colors in the popular bronze and neutral gray shades available in sheet sizes from 48"x 96" to 72"x 120" and thicknesses from 0.118" to 0.472" (1.5mm to l2mm). Minimum purchase may be required.

Patterned Sheets - Surface textures in seven patterns are available in colorless transparent sheets. Selected patterns are also available in transparent, translucent, and semi-opaque colors.

Standard Patterns/Descriptions

P-4 Prism (approx. 64/sq. in.) one side
P-5 Ripple design one side
DP-30 Stipple design both sides
DP-32 Flair design both sides
P-95 Matte finish (non-glare) one side
Plexiglas Frosted throughout
Plexiglas Clear-Edge Frosted throughout

Flair acrylic sheet, pattern DP-32, is a form of Plexiglas® MC sheet with a rippled pattern on both surfaces, and is available as standard in a colorless form. Several brilliant to subdued transparent colors can be made-to-order on a custom basis. Stained glass effects are economically attainable with Flair acrylic sheet in size 48" x 96", and in thicknesses of 0.118" and 0.236" (3.0 and 6.0mm).